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See How I Used Home Remedies To Remove Stubborn Stains!

Removing stains is somehow stressful as you get disorganized about how to remove it.

Stains are unavoidable as we are always doing one thing or the other. The problem is when the stains become too much , it spoils and damage materials. Sometimes, we use bleach to remove stains but it causes some damage the clothes ,floor and all.

So, I compiled a list of home remedies you can use to remove stains;

1)Lime or lemon juice;

This is an effective remedy to stains such that it removes all immediately without leaving a sign there was stain. With this, you will get fresh and tantalizing scent on any material you use it on.

2)Use white vinegar

3)Make use of baking soda

4)You'll be surprised chalk and cornstarch also helps to remove oily and grease stains.

5)Hydrogen peroxide.

6)Lastly, make use of salt on any stains that is too stubborn to vanish.

I hope you find this helpful.

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Stubborn Stains


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