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7 Unique Fashion Trends From The Past

People in our world have done a lot in the name of fashion. There is so much that has already been done that anything new shouldn't really surprise us. We got our hands on some of the most unique but unusual fashion trends from the past that will make your day!

Smile tattoos

For the uninformed, smile Tattoos were a huge thing! Ainu people followed it the most. The mysterious Ainu lived in the Japanese Islands and partially in areas of Russia. Women tattooed their faces so they had something like a Joker's smile. Thank god it doesn't exist anymore, right?

Black teeth

You must have definitely heard o perhaps read about the fascination of Japanese people with black teeth. Ohaguro is a Japanese custom of dyeing one's teeth black, and it was popular until the end of the 19th century. Sadly enough, now you can only see this in plays!

Plucked eyelashes

If there is one thing that whole of Medieval Europe believed in alike was plucked lashes! As painful as it may sound, Hair wasn't popular in Europe, so people shaved their foreheads and plucked their eyebrows and eyelashes.

Male beauty contest

So if you thought that beauty contest is only limited to women, let us tell you, it is a very modern and patriarchal belief! Our ancestors sure knew it better! Everything was vice versa in the Wodaabe tribe of Nigeria. The men are to cultivate beauty and be attractive. During the Gerewol, a male beauty contest, women can choose their future husbands.

Long hair, Yao People, China

There's nothing about long hair but here we are talking about super extra long hair. We are talking about women with incredibly long hair who live in the Chinese Huangluo village. They only cut their hair during a rite of initiation at the age of 16. Weird custom, right?

Elongated skulls

Now this one is definitely an extremely weird fashion tradition that we are really glad is out of the picture. Artificially elongated skull was a massive thing all around the world. It was practiced by the Huns, the Italians, the Sarmatians, the Maya peoples, and some African peoples. It was common even in France in the 20th century. So the question is, how did we achieve it?

Parents had to bandage a baby's head with a ribbon or put him in a special cot. Why on earth would they do something like this in the first place?

Long nails, Ancient China

Long nails was pretty much the epitome of fashion in China once upon a time. It indicated wealth! People also thought it was easier to talk to deities this way. Yes, humans were in some pretty weird stuff back in time.

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