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How To Identify Original Ankara Gowns When You Go Shopping

Most times, we are usually confused whenever we go to buy clothes and this is because we don't know how to identify an original fabric. Here are the different ways to easily identify an original Ankara gown:

1. Doesn't get rumpled easily; the original Ankara gowns don't need to be ironed every day because they don't get rumpled easily.That doesn't give you the liberty to squeeze the clothes inside a bag or box; it's better to put them on a hanger.

2. You can also determine the quality and originality of an Ankara gown by looking at the designs on the fabric. The designs on the fabric should be sparkling, but if you notice that they are looking faded or worn out, it's advisable that you leave the gown.

3. When tailors make gowns, they usually add buttons and beads to them. If you notice that the beads are falling out, it could be a sign that the gown is fake, and you should avoid it.



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