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Check Out How You Can Curl Your Hair Overnight Using Rubber Bands

Hello guys, Hope you are doing good, it's a new bright day today with a brand new different technique, it may seems impossible but it perfectly possible, its a tested and trusted package, tested me myself. Today in this article I will be writing on you can curls your hair overnight using rubber bands, it is a very task you can perform yourself and you also engage people to help you so that it will look more neat and adorable.


- Rubber bands

- Comb and divider

- Hair spray

- Tight cap or scarf

- Gel


- Wash or shampoo your hair in the evening.

- Don't towel it, let it go drying on it own.

- Don't let it dry completely, start your work when it is damp.

- Divide your hair into smaller section, depending on how you want your wave to look.

- Start tie the hair around your rubber bands — Twist the hair well then tie it with your rubber band to prevent it from loosing back.

- Repeat the process until you are through with the whole hair.

- Now that you are through with the hair, put on your tight cap or tie your scarf but ensure you tie it tight.

- Go to bed with the cap or scarf on.

- In the next morning try to remove all the rubber bands in the hair.

- Apply your hair spray.

Note: Spray don't rub the hair.

- Hand pick the hair to loosen the twist.

Note: Hand pick don't comb.

- Use your gel to style if you wish.

I have tried this method and it works 100% perfect for me pls try it out, did you think this method will work? Have you used it and it works? Pls drop your view.

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