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3 Things To Consider Before Buying A White Shirt

White t-shirts are the most popular types of shirt and so our focus will be on them in this article.

Before buying an all white T-shirt there are some things that has to be put into consideration so that you don't buy what you don't like or what doesn't fit.

1) Fabric


The type of fabric used in making the cloth is important, you can choose the one hundred percent cotton which is clean and sharp. The white cotton t-shirts has a natural elasticity, there are more blends of cotton in the market and each has it's own advantage and disadvantage.

Knitted White T-shirt

It can be knitted from a wool, cotton or linen and it also has a great elasticity and it experiences less wrinkles than cotton.

2) Style Of T-shirt

There is the Crew Neck and the V Neck. Crew Neck is the most traditional and commonly seen t -shirts.

Your body type should determine which neckline is best for you, a V neck will suit a person who is short and board while a crew neck will suit a person who is tall and slim.

3) Fit

The recent trend of wearing big t-shirts may prompt most people to go for the loose white T-shirt, but it is important to know what kind of shirt fits your body type, so that you would look great and unique while wearing it.

Content created and supplied by: AdeMicky_Cutz (via Opera News )

Crew Neck Fabric V Neck


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