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Stephanie Coker Top 10 Braiding Styles

Stephanie Coker is a beloved Nigerian actress and TV personality, but there are even more reasons to love her. Stephanie Coker and her braids are a constant source of inspiration for Nigerian ladies who look for new hairstyle ideas. Check out the top 10 Stephanie Coker hairstyles!

1. Colourful Yarn Braids

We’re mostly used to seeing Stephanie Coker braids in black colour, but sometimes the actress goes for a more adventurous style. Recently she rocked a head full of bright blue yarn braids, and this youthful and trendy hairstyle definitely was a success.

2. Grey Braids With An Undercut

Stephanie Coker crochet braids often follow one of the latest hair trends, but in this case there are three: the stunning grey tint of the hair, the edgy undercut, and the thick and luscious crochet braids. Needless to say, this look impressed thousands of Stephanie’s fans.

3. Kinky Hair

Stephanie doesn’t only wear braids – we can often see various Stephanie Coker weaving styles. Recently Stephanie shared a photo of her kinky hairdo on Instagram and her followers were dying to see more of this cute and authentic style.

4. Ghana Braids

Of course, Stephanie Coker is no stranger to some of the most favourite braid styles for Nigerian fashionistas, especially Ghana braids. Her latest rendition of Ghana braids stuns with the incredible amount of work that went into this style and Stephanie’s unique ability to rock any hair.

5. Ombre Braids

Another trend Stephanie Coker gladly adopted into her everyday hairstyles is ombre – the only difference is that she tried it on twist braids instead of straightened hair. The result is a hairstyle that is ideal for a chill summer day and your favourite casual outfit.

6. Crochet Twists

Stephanie Coker is always happy to flaunt some traditional Nigerian hairstyles: her crochet twists have since been recreated by hundreds of her fans thanks to the universally flattering look and beautiful styling of these braids.

7. Twist-Out

Although we love Stephanie’s braids, seeing her rock alternative hairstyles is always a nice surprise. Her twist-out hairstyle in a solid black colour would be an excellent choice for Nigerian ladies of all ages and personal styles, whether it’s for special occasions or everyday wear.

8. Tree Braids

Tree braids are one of the most time-consuming hairstyles on our list, but the result is certainly worth it. We can’t even imagine how much time and effort was put into Stephanie Coker’s tree braids, and the final look of her hair couldn’t have been more impressive.

9. Box Braids

When it comes to Nigerian hairstyles with braids, box braids are one of the most classic ones. Stephanie lover classic hairstyles, but she also loves putting her own twist on the hair – in this case, it was done with the help of the beautiful red colour and glamorous golden hair jewelry.

10. Didi Braids

It seems like every celebrity has tried Didi braids lately, and, as always, Stephanie Coker is on the forefront of the trend. Her Didi braids are further improved by the barely noticeable blue tint, which adds volume to the hairstyle.

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