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Nigerians React to Makeup pictures of a girl on Facebook

Face Makeup is the act of applying cosmetics on your face in order to make your face look attractive to the public. For a person to make up her face, she must have all the required tools used for applying cosmetics on the face such as brush, lipstick, eraser, eye pencil, etc.

Makeup artists are individuals who expertly apply cosmetics on the face of their clients. You may see a person charging up to 2,000 Naira only for applying cosmetics on another person's face.

Some Girls are aspiring to be a makeup artist so as to earn a living. These girls always post their makeup pictures on Facebook in order for people to rate their pictures.

A girl identified as Freshy Gold on Facebook had uploaded makeup pictures of herself and begged her friends on Facebook to rate her pictures.

This Facebook Girl is trying to become a makeup artist and that is the reason why she told her friends to review her photos.

Many people were attracted to this girl's makeup pictures on Facebook and most of them reacted.

Most of the commentators were not pleased with the makeup pictures of the girl. Some people were telling her that she needs real makeup on her face again.

My people, what did you think about this girl's makeup pictures on Facebook.

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