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Does Applying Make Ups Make A Woman To Look "Beautiful"? [OPINION]

Applying make ups, fixing nails and eye lashes, does it make a material wife? (OPINION)

Most women think that by fixing eye lashes and applying make ups, they look more beautiful. Partially correct. But God is not foolish to create you the way you are. Hear me out, you can still be beautiful without make ups.

That's the sermon most women don't want to hear. So e don't even know how to apply it. Instead of applying they tends to paint themselves. What a pity. Haven't you seen a pretty woman without makeup?

There is this analogy that, if you want to see how ugly or beautiful a woman is, meet her early in the morning before she applies the make up. That fact seems to be true. You don't know that too much of everything is bad. You apply makeup not because you like it, but because of influence, and to avoid the shame of been insulted.

God is wiser than every women. That eye lashes you are fixing in the name of fashion, have you taken a mirror to look at yourself to see how you look? Some people look like demon. These are the set of women that seduce men so quickly, well for those they can seduce, not all men.

Most of this so called "classic babes" that fix nails, eye lashes and all th rest, check most of them, they aren't a material wife. They live luxury life, claiming to be what they are not. To me, I prefer a lady who will go out in her natural beauty than trying to do some paintings in the name of Makeup. You can still look beautiful without these things.

What do you think? Must a woman apply make ups to look beautiful? Let's hear you!





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