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What causes gray hair in your early 20s and how to prevent it

People usually hate or get afraid when they start noticing gray hair growing on their head at an early young age. Some people, after they noticed even one gray hair on their head will start removing it, which is never going to help the situation but worsen and make it plenty on the head.

It's a normal thing for some people to start growing gray hair in their early 20s, but if you don't like it and want to get rid of it, relax, I will be listing the causes of gray hair on the head and if possible, you should try to avoid or reduce what you think may cause gray hair growing in your hair at an early age.

1. Stress

Yes, you may be surprise to see stress in the list, but what most people don't know is that stress can actually cause gray hair on your head.

When putting too much stress on something and getting tired, it can cause the death of melanin cell which later turn your hair to gray.

2. Genetic

It may be a normal thing for some families to have genetic gray hair at early young age. The growing of early gray hair may began from the great-grand-father or mother, and since then every member of the family start growing early gray hair at young age.

3. Hair cream

Yes, the cream you bought from the market may be the cause of having premature gray hair, when you go to the market to buy a hair cream, you should know the type of hair cream you want to buy, maybe there is any friend or neighbor using the cream, you should observe if there is any changes or effects on their hair.

4. Smoking

Smoking or having hard drinks can cause early gray hair, you should expect having gray hair if you are smoking at an early age.

I myself starting having gray hair at the age of 14, it should be 10-15 gray hair on my head that time, I love having gray hair and seems to enjoy it when people call me "Old man". My school friends notice it and start plucking it one after the other until it remained 7 on my head, if I should count it now, it should 40-50 gray hair on my head currently.

You should not see your gray hair as a problem or hate it, but if you don't like it and want to get rid of it, you should stop doing what causes it or dye your hair and use dark hair cream.

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