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Why You Should Avoid Shaving Your Private Hair

Pubic or private hair shaving has become a common activity people carry out as a form of being hygienic although a lot of people who engage in the act do not know that there are dangers and other side effects attached to it. In this article, we are going to be looking at certain reasons why we need to avoid shaving our private hair and things we should do instead to keep that area hygienic.

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Removing private hair makes a person more susceptible to common infections such as vaginitis, UTIs and yeast infection to mention but a few. Below are other reasons why we need to avoid or stop shaving or private hair.

1. It protects against bacteria: One very key thing we should not is that the pubic hair is there for a reason and when we temper it with it, it might cause discomfort and increase our chances of getting infected. Pubic hair protects against pathogen bacteria and dust from getting in, so it is advisable to leave a sizeable amount down there to prevent unwanted debris from getting in.

2. Discomfort: Most times when we shave, we end up with painful cuts and bruises that might cause discomfort for sometimes, also no matter how soft or clean a fresh shave leaves you, in a few days as hair begins to sprout, you begin to get a bad itchy feeling.

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3. It protects during intercourse: Pubic hair plays a very important role during intercourse in the form of friction. The pores and skin around the genitals are soft and very sensitive so the pubic hair helps to cushion the impact of intercourse on these areas.

4. Abscesses: This is deep under the skin infections that are prone to cause pain, redness and swelling. It is always full of translucent fluids mostly caused by bacterial infection. Abscesses tend to develop as a result of irritation that was caused by certain types of hair removal methods such as waxing or shaving.

NOTE: If you insist on shaving your private hair, there are certain things you can do to reduce your chances of injury or infection which are listed below,

- Wash yourself before you start because it helps to prevent the transmission of bacteria

- Use brand new razors or disinfect old ones before using the old ones.

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- Use a handheld mirror to help you see what you are doing to prevent cuts

- Moisturize after you finish shaving to help soothe the irritation

- Avoid wearing tight clothes for some time.

You can also maintain very clean and natural hair when you wash often, you also have to avoid using scented soaps on it as it can lead to pH imbalance and lastly, always dry your private hair after cleaning.

Source: Healthline

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