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7 Ways The Woman's Body Changes As They Age

Puberty changes everything. When we go through puberty, we're reminded how much change our bodies will undergo. If you're lucky, you had lots of support from your parents or caregiver who guided you through shaving, applying deodorant and all the stages of your body's change and growth.

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However, puberty isn't the only time when our bodies undergo changes.

Nobody talks about how our hormones, which cause our skin to loosen and wrinkle, change the texture of our flesh, making it lumpy and bumpy, and modify our fatty tissue, might affect our appearance in a natural and bizarre yet uniquely beautiful way.

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These changes to our bodies as we become older are natural and unavoidable. They're also nothing to be embarrassed about. Our body changes in different ways, no matter what. Knowing what could happen can help understand the changes and beauty in our skin types.

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1. Your stomach may fold or roll differently. I'm not sure why this occurs, but it's more than just gaining weight or developing wrinkles. Like everything else, it has to do with collagen, muscle mass, and hormones. Just remember that it happens to practically everyone, and it's quite normal!

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2. It's possible that your lips will become thinner. Some people observe that as they get older, their lips become less plump, and this is undoubtedly accurate. This is attributed to the loss of collagen and bone mass, as well as the disintegration of fat pads in our faces, which sustain the appearance of full lips.

The majority of people experience this, especially if there are external influences such as medications or rapid weight loss beyond the age of 30.

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3. Your boobs may sag or droop. Plastic surgery can lift or improve them, and if that's important to you, go ahead and do it. Your boobs, on the other hand, are fine. Simply make sure you're looking after your breast health by visiting your doctor and following their recommendations for frequent checkups and mammograms.

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4. It's possible that the skin and flesh under your arms will droop. It's a combination of science and hormones. Things start to fall apart. Yes, you can become shredded and strive to lose weight, but your arms will never look the same as they did when you were 22, and that's fine. This will most likely happen to your back skin as well. It's just nature, and it has nothing to do with your health or happiness. It all comes down to a decrease in overall muscle mass and a loss of collagen in our bodies.

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5. You may develop age spots or irregularities in your skin tone. Yes, you most likely will. That's because practically everyone has been exposed to UV light without protection, which impacts our tissues even years later. If you don't like them, talk to your dermatologist about how to deal with them, or try one of the various over-the-counter remedies. It's also fine if you just leave them alone.

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If you have them, though, they don't make you have "poor skin"; and besides, your skin is fine; it just has new stuff happening. Whatever the case may be, you should have your skin tested for skin cancer on a regular basis, as early identification makes skin malignancies much easier to cure.

6. It's possible that your libido will be impaired. Hormones, oh my!

If this is an unwelcome change, speak with your doctor; there may be methods to begin feeling better. It's especially aggravating if it's caused or worsened by vaginal problems, but doctors can frequently assist and provide helpful advice on how to recover. There are also factors that help in behavior and relationships. Just remember that you're not alone!

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7. You might notice new stray hairs on your body and face. No, you aren't filthy. You're normal, and hormonal shifts are to blame!

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Tweeze, laser, or let them alone. It's your decision

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