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Arewa Ladies are Beautiful; See 65 Pictures of Beautiful Northern Ladies

Arguably the northern part of the country serves as home for the most beautiful ladies in Nigeria, many people might want to argue this my opinion, but it is what it is. For so long, we had a wrong judgement of ladies from the north, in fact I personally used to assume they are slim ladies, who usually aren’t that fine (I’m a Yoruba man, from Oyo State to be precise). The narrative changed only after I watched a Nollywood movie, where an Arewa lady, acted a particular role and all through the movie I was drawn to her. This made me to dump my uninformed opinion and go in search of knowledge, I went in search of light and now I’m a new being.

What I found in my journey was beauty, extreme beauty, the result of my research made me wonder why I had made such unfound conclusion earlier, it was probably due to their conservative nature or because I jumped too quick into conclusion. One other thing I used to believe was that northern ladies are meant to be dark in complexion, for that I stand corrected. There are arewa ladies who have milky skin tone, fair and clear complexion. I couldn’t stop beating myself up as to why I had been in the darkness for so long. These beautiful ladies usually range from average height to tall, they are hardly short unlike ladies from my part of the country (no disrespect intended), for the educated ones among them, their spoken English is usually very sweet to the hear, the radiance and joy these ladies emanate on the average knows no bound.

I've been saying Arewa ladies for so long, what exactly does Arewa mean, it is a word which means north in English language, so basically Arewa is used to represent people from the northern part of the country. Katsina, Jigawa, Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, Zamfara are part of the states in the Arewa region of the country. Some of the tribes you will find in these areas include Hausa, Fulani and a little bit of Shuwa Arabs.

It will be really bad, if after all my story about these beautiful ladies, I do not show you what I’m talking about and leave you to be making wrong assumptions like I did for many years. So as a good person that I am (keep your opinion), I’ve decided to bless you with several pictures of beautiful Arewa ladies. It might sound as tho I’m infatuated, but by the time you’re done going through my collection, you’d be thanking me for showing you the way.

What do you think, was I wrong when I said they are the most beautiful ladies in the country? If you think otherwise please kindly tell me which area of the country houses ladies more beautiful than the Arewa ladies? If given the chance as a good Nigerian that I am (not arguable), I’ll like to marry a beautiful Arewa lady. What’s your favorite feature of an Arewa lady? Have you ever been in love with an Arewa lady?

Content created and supplied by: T.Oluwafemi (via Opera News )

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