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5 Symptoms & Causes Of Warts On The Skin

Small raised bumps on the skin is called warts.

Children and elderly have a higher chance of getting a wart on their skin due to weak immune system. 

The appearance and disappearance of a wart totally depends upon the causes and types. These small growths can make you feel ugly, uncomfortable and awkward.

Sometimes it grows one at a time, but can very plenty in one area too. 

Types of warts: 

There are mainly 5 types of warts that can develop on your skin. Warts grow on your toes, chin, mouth etc and vary from being skin,pink, brown and gray coloured.  

The following are the types of warts: 

1. Common warts.

2. Flat warts.

3. Periungual warts.

4. Filiform warts.

5. Plantar warts.

Symptoms of Warts: 

Warts are not dangerous for your skin but are contagious, ugly and can be painful too. 

It is self diagnosable and is easy to identify. It can grow on any part of your body but the most common areas are hands and feet. 

These are some symptoms of warts: 

1. Small growths or bumps on skin.

2. Flesh or gray coloured small flats.

3. Itching on bump.

4. Bleeding bump.

5. Pus in the growth. 

Causes of Warts: 

Warts can grow on your skin due to several reasons. Warts are caused by a virus known as Human Papillomavirus (HPV). 

Basically, this virus is present on human skin naturally. But, a person gets prone to higher risk of getting it due to weak immune system. 

Here are some causes of warts: 

1. Even a simple cut on your skin can acquire a wart.

2. Walking barefoot.

3. Sexual contact.

4.  Breaks in skin is also a factor behind the spread.

5. Biting nails can spread the warts on your skin.

Treatment of warts: 

Warts disappear on their own most of the times. However, you should surely see a doctor if the wart is painful, bleeding, infectious or growing on your face and genitals. 

In fact, seek medical attention if a wart grows and you are already suffering from diabetes or immune deficiency. And, do not try to remove the warts by your hands or by home treatments as it can induce infections. 

They are contagious so try and have less skin contact with it. Keep them dry or cover with a bandage to avoid touching.

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