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See How Much Flavour's Appearance Has Transformed Since He Changed His Hairstyle & Got A New Tattoo

Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli widely recognised by his stage performing name Flavour has made some changes to his appearances lately but not much people know as he only shares updates about himself on his instagram story which disappears in 24 hours unlike Instagram posts that last forever until deleted.

Flavour's looks and appearances has changed quite a lot of times, at least twice on his hairstyle and once on his body recently from the looks from his Instagram page (story).

About his Hairstyle, for the past few months, Flavour has added and changed the style of his flat-punk dreadlock hairstyle. Firstly, he turned the flat-punk dreadlock to twisted-top dreadlocks and from there, he grew more hair on top before be finally settled for his current one, the braided-top with the dreadlocks still.

Flavour has been with his dreadlocks for over 13 years now since he became popular, Although they are fixed, not his real hair. Remove the dreadlocks, the picture below shows how handsome Flavour N'abania still looks without them:-

Check out some more photos showing his hairstyle transformation for the past few months below which he has been sharing on his Instagram story:-




The popular multi talented young man has also made some appearance changes on his body by getting a gigantic tattoo on his back. Anyone who knows Flavour so well will know he has only two Tattoos before, a guitar on his left hand, written words on the right hand and another on his chest.

Flavour's appearance changed added after he got a gigantic tattoo on his back which looks like a scripture words but the star is yet to reveal the meaning of the tattoo. Check out the photos of him flaunting the new tattoo and his six pack abs by the pool side:-

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Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli


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