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Types Of Hair Part Styles For Women Based On Theirs Face Shape

Have you ever wondered why some ladies look so great when they make certain hairstyles? It's usually because they make hairstyles that suit their face shape. Hair parting also plays a role in a lady's facial appearance. This article will provide ladies with the kind of hair part that fits their face types.

1. Round face shape.

If you have a round or circular face then the best hair parting you should consider is the middle part, this is because this kind of style will bring out your facial beauty.

Image credit: Time Magazine and Meg Gemi.

2. Heart face.

As the name implies, this face shape is just like a heart, wider at the top but smaller at the bottom. The kind of hair parting that suits this face shape is the deep side parting, this is because it helps to hide the head size and bring more focus to the face area.

Image credit: Hairstyle Reference.

3. Pear shape.

Ladies with this face shape are considered to be quite lucky because any kind of hair parting looks great on them.

Image credit: Best Haircuts.

4. Diamond face shape.

Ladies with diamond face shapes usually have prominent cheekbones which makes them appear beautiful. A side part is the best choice for this face shape because it brings out the beauty of the cheekbones.

Image credit: kraywoods

5. Square-shaped face.

If you have a square face, a side parting will look quite good on you.

Image credit: InStyle

6. Narrow face shape.

A middle part is recommended for women who have narrow faces. This is because it makes women with this face shape appear more beautiful by giving their faces an illusion of a shorter length.

Image credit: The Guardian, The Sun.


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