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Before You Go For The Next Photoshoot, Know This Postures.

Taking of photos has become a very exciting hobby as I would say among youths and adults.Children as well do take photos of themselves during graduation, birthdays , naming ceremonies and weddings.

I really get surprised when people say they don't know how to pose during a photo shoot and that's why I have taken my time to organise several photos showing postures of men which teaches us how to pose during a photoshot.


This is an outdoor photo of a guy wearing a jacket and a crazy jean. When taking such photo, look side way to bring the shape of your face.

Hold the palm of your hands together and sit on a low surface.


Photos with dark backgrounds are beautiful. It makes the camera capture every detail of your face.

You can also take shots with such posture. Holding your left arm with the right and slightly bending your head.

Look straight into the camera for better shots.


This is another wonderful shot, although it is black and white but it is beautiful.

Take photos of yourself with your fist on your chin and make the camera closely capture your face. Look side way for the picture to get the beauty and curves of your face.


This is another wonderful posture. You can also take pictures standing and folding your hands with the right hand lifted up high to the level of your chest.


Make use of staircases to take shots . it can be at any location. Stair case photos are awesome.


Just like you are walking towards the camera,looking sideways and trying to pull up your sleeves.

You can take this kind of shots at any location of your choice.


Squating postures for photoshoots are really awesome. The most wonderful part of it is that it can also be taken any location.


Another starecase picture. Allow the camera take a capture of you with your left arm on your left leg, which is slightly above the left leg with your face turned west.


Hold your shades or you can just be without shades with your hands gently touching your hair.


Take shots with yourself standing, cross legged and holding your jacket. You should lean on something, it can either be a wall or anything.


For those of us who really love taking selfies. This posture is remarkable plus the colour tune.

You can take selfies with your hands covering your mouth and you looking straight into the camera.


You can also sit on a flat and high surface with your hand on the surface and you looking sideway.

Below are postures you can also try out during your photo shoot.

With these photos and postures. Your photo session with will awesome.

Content created and supplied by: Charleslaw (via Opera News )


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