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What You Shouldn't Wear on Long Flights

Traveling by air often demands a lot of considerations and factors. One of the essential things you should consider is the clothes you wear. If it's your first time or you have only dealt with local flights, you must know what to wear on a long international flight. Often, it is recommended that you wear thick fabrics to protect you from the cold on the plane. That leaves the question, "What should you not wear on a plane?"

We have curated a list of clothing you should wear when boarding a long flight to answer this question. Read on to find out.

Tight clothes

Tight outfits can be attractive to the body, but they won't do you any good on the plane. The moment you leave the airport, it's just you and other passengers who don't have the time to check out your outfit. You will be in your seat throughout the journey, and you must be as comfortable as possible. Comfortable and loose clothes will allow you stretch a bit on your chair and allow blood to flow freely through your body.

High heels

High heels have the effect of affecting your mobility on regular surfaces if worn for too long. Besides, wearing high heels for a long duration can cause leg aches, blisters, and other leg issues. Instead, opt for comfortable sneakers or covered footwear.

Revealing clothes

Again, the plane is in a freezing area. Revealing or light clothes might expose you to a harsh cold which can lead to some health issues. As such, it is best to layer up as much as possible.

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