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See How Tailors Cut Clothes (Straight Gowns)

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First of all, you need to get your material needed ready.

What You need is 

1. Fabric

2. Measurement.

3. full-length

4. burst

5. waist

6. hip

7. full-length

8. burst

9. waist

10. hip


12. sleeve

13. Chalk


15.Machine to do your work. 

We are going to use this Measurement.

Full-length = 66inches

Burst = 29inches

Waist = 29inches

Hip = 40inches

Back = 13

Sleeve = 6inches

Let us start the main work. 

Step on how to cut. 

Step 1

Put your fabric on the table or floor, and crumple it into two using your shoulder and sleeve measurement to assume how large you will fold it.

Example shoulder is 12inches divided by 2 it will give us 6inches expand to the 6inches sleeve, that is 12 inches totally. So the wideness of the folding will be 12inches.

Step 2

After the folding, find your burst on 10inches from the shoulder, your abdomen on 16inches from the shoulder, your hip on 25inches from the shoulder and your full size on the 66 inches from the shoulder

Step 3.

Scale the width of the burst by allocating your burst ratio by 4 since you are cutting the front first.

Example, 29inches divided by 4 it will give you 7.25inches. So your burst will be 7.25 inches plus 2inches for the allowance. Your waist will be 27inches divided by 4 which is 6.75inches plus 2inches allowance. Your hip is 38inches divided by 4 which is 9.5inches add another 2inches for the allowance.

The full length is 57inches plus 2inches for the sewing allowance.

Step 4.

Discover the shoulder by dividing 12inches into two which is 6inches plus the 6inches for the sleeve which gives us 12inches for the shoulder.

Step 5.

After cutting out all the essential measurement on the fabric.

How to cut the back side

Crumple the fabric into two as folded for the front side, and then position the front side on it after which you can immediately cut it out gently. In this case, there is no need for extra 2inches allowance because zip is not required.

After cutting out both the front and back sides position it well equally on each other and make your canoe neck, 4inches to the side and 3.5inches down. Dent it, form it well and then cut it out.

How to cut the folded sleeve 

Fold the fabric into two into about 18inches long and 4inches wide and then cut it out. After which you will now halve into two proportional parts.

How to cut the pocket 

Fold the material to be 7inches wide and 12inches long and cut it out. Refold the fabric and place the first one on it to cut out the second pocket.

After doing all this process mentioned above, the next thing is to get your sewing machine.

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