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Greatest Healing Power Of Lemon

I have a very very special relationship with lemons, if you couldn’t have guessed of all the fruits it’s surely my favorite. I love having a slice of lemon with my meals..

A few things I love about lemons: I love love love that citrus taste, i love the acid it provides to the body, love the fragrance of lemons, and the way just the scent settles your stomach. And also the oil mist that comes from the skin when you squeeze it.

Skin to pulp, whole, zested, or juiced, the benefits of this fruit are powerful.

By drinking one glass of lemon juice with water each morning, you fuel your immune system, helping you fight off diseases.

Also, since lemon is rich in vitamin C, it helps reduce dark spots and wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin from inside the body.and also provides good immune help in this pandemic condition.. Stays you safe from #covid_19

Tips: Lemon water is a delicious healthy drink that can be sipped throughout the day to stay hydratedin summers. But to reap the most benefits from lemon water, one needs to drink it consistently.

Tanning is another big problem in summers that takes a lot of our effort and time to be treated. But, not anymore!

To remove tan, reach out for lemon juice.

Lemon juices are good for all skin type.

Mix a little sandalwood powder with these juices if your skin is too dry; multani mitti if it is oily and prone to acne; and curd and sandalwood powder if it is mature. Apply it on your face for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off.

How cool is it that something so easy to attain can support your body & mind in such an impactful way?!

What do you love about lemons?.squeeze lemon onto your food and your body will thank you!! Stay_healthy!

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