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5 Interesting Ways to Style Your Flats

Every woman on earth goes through the struggle of wearing the right shoes. The point has always been to wear shoes that can make you look elegant. Heels take the accolade for giving you this result, but other shoe types, including flats, can give you the same appearance as your heels. 

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Whoever told you flats can't be as stylish as heels, and other platform shoes lied to you. From loafers to boat shoes, there is no limit to ways you can make this footwear look beautiful.

Learn how you can wear your flats to give you professional and chic looks.

Flat, shirt and pants

This combination is a perfect option for you on a day when you don't feel like dressing too much to work. It is a look that says relaxed but confident. All you need is to pick any cool-colored flats and dress them up in a nice white shirt and suitable pants. It is comfortable and effortless.

Flats, blazers, and skirts/pants

One way to appear professional and sophisticated is to pair a camisole or shirt and pants/skirts with a well-tailored blazer. Then, add matching ballet flats. It is an appearance that screams boss to everyone's ears.

Mules with a short dress

Mules are one of the trendy flats you will see around. With pointed toes and flats soles, these shoes are easy to slip on and off. Style your suede or leather mule with a dress in your wardrobe, and you will look elegant and attractive.

Flats and long dress

If you want to wear flats but don't want to make it obvious to everyone, you can wear your flats with a long and flowy gown. Ensure your flats are above an average type to appear classy and attractive.

Flats and dress blazer

Another way to wear your flats is to style them with a dress blazer or dress shirt. Instead of ballet flats, you may opt for female boat shoes or oxford shoes. This style suits a formal as well as business-casual event.

Flats and casual outfits

There are unlimited ways to style flats with casual wear. These include a T-shirt and jeans, a shirt and jeans, and flats with a casual dress with blazers.

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