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Stylish Ways to Wear Sneakers with Ankara

There is a reason sneakers are the most versatile and flexible footwear. They have the power to enhance the most boring style and make it attractive. One of such ways is to combine your sneakers with Ankara styles. Whether you put on a dress or jumpsuit, sneakers have a way of making you the center of attention.

1. Sneakers on short gown

You can rock a pair of sneakers with a short tight-fitting gown or a short, free-yard gown. Also, ensure the gown is knee-length to bring out a unique look.

2. Ankara short boubou dress and sneakers

This is a free gown for women. It features a dashiki-like style but in the form of a gown. It usually features two side pockets for a poised look.

3. Sneakers on Ankara playsuit

This combination is suitable for a formal beach party or evening birthday party. To get the desired look, you should use a patterned Ankara fabric for your playsuit.

4. Ankara shirt gown and sneakers

Another way to rock your sneakers with Ankara is to try a comfortable shirt gown. This offers a more relaxed and mature look. You may add a pair of sunshades for a more lady-like look.

5. Sneakers and Ankara skirts

Wear a bodycon short Ankara shirt with a cute top, and add neutral color sneakers to it. Another way around this is to wear a short Ankara skirt with a long Ankara jacket.

6. Sneakers and Ankara jacket

Like a denim jacket, you can wear your sneakers with an Ankara jacket layered over a camisole, T-shirt, or tank top.

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