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How To Restyle Your Plain T-Shirt

Reshaping your plain T-Shirt after a little tear, or redeemable cut is the best thing to do especially when it's quality is still intact or it's one of your favorite shirts. 

How to Cut a T Shirt 2020 - Cute DIY Ideas to Cut a T-Shirt

One of the most important things to recollect when cutting up T-shirts is to constantly try them on while cutting. You might think something is too short or wide on a table but when you put it on your body things change. Use you body to assist you in marking out areas that you would cut.

To reshape your plain colored T-Shirts, follow the steps highlighted above.

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1: Geometry + fashion = yes please! 

Tools + Materials: 

Geometric Cut-Out 

Snatch your scissors and cut off the neck, sleeves, and bottom crease. Overlap the bottom half up about two inches and cut out triangle shapes. Unfurl to uncover jewel cut-outs. 

How To Cut A T-Shirt Into A Cool Workout Top – 5 Ways To Cut Tees

This tee matches well with a high-waisted skirt or a body con dress. Hype the geometric energy with a great jewelry. 

2: We are updating the twisted tie tee with a little uncovered shoulder action. 

Tools + Materials: 

– white tee 

– scissors 

Indeed, scissors is everything you will require for this tee. 

Cut off the neck area and trim off the fixes on the arm groups. Cut a half circle on every one of the shoulder creases. Cut two long oval shapes on the bottom of the tee and afterward eliminate the back half. These ovals are your new ties and will secure in your tee. 

How To Cut A T-Shirt Into A Cool Workout Top – 5 Ways To Cut Tees

Viola! Protected to say you'll never wear an essential white tee again. These cut outs are perfect for the hot late spring months. 

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