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Must see! Check out some pictures of Calabar cultural attires.

 Nigeria is blessed with so many cultural heritage, some of which are not known to the citizens. obviously the three major ethnic groups with have in Nigeria are the Yoruba, House and the Igbo. Cross River on the other is also Blessed with so many local government and cultural heritage that most Nigerian are unaware especially their cultural attires.

On this article i will be laying focus on the Efik people in the south south region of Nigeria. The Efik people are seen as the sub ethnic small group the ibibio situated like i have said earlier at the southern part of Nigeria. Just like the name Efik,their language is also called the Efik language. some say that the efik language is somewhat like the Benue and Congo language. The Efik cultural attire is so unique that it can be identify easily maybe because of it colour combination and style. Also the language history of the Efik they say came through the immigrants of Arochukwu to Cross River and finally settled in Calabar and also in the Great Greek town. The Greek town and other town around it are called Calabar. Calabar must not be confused with kalabari in Rivers state which is clearly an Ijaw state in the Western Nigeria. Cross River State and Akwa Ibom State have some common similarities and also dissimilarities. The language of a calabar person could be understand by an Akwa ibom person but different in pronunciation.

Below are some of their attires

The Calabar cultural dancing outfit.

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