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The Top 13 Style Mistakes That Will Make You Look Older

Individual stylistic preferences develop over time. A style habit, on the other hand, may work against you and your current age.

Since there are numerous style blunders that might age you, we have some advice on how to avoid them.

13. Maintain outfit proportions

If you keep up with the newest fashion trends, you know how important proportions are. They have the power to make or destroy your ensemble.

A slim-fitting top looks considerably better with wide-legged pants. Similarly, a large T-shirt looks great with slim jeans because it offers a nice geometrical contrast. Keep in mind that you should dress appropriately for your body type.

Your attire should not be overly baggy, as this will disguise your beauty. Overly tight clothing, on the other hand, can crumple and detract from your overall appearance.

12. Combine accessories

When it comes to elegant attire, the trio (shoes, bags, and belts) should not match, but rather "go together." Matching hues is an old rule that has fallen out of favor. Just one bright area will give you a killer look. Stick to mostly neutral hues for the rest of the outfit.

11. Opt for belts

Baggy clothes make you appear untidy and sloppy, and they add pounds and years to your overall appearance. Are you sure that's what you want? We didn't think so.

Use the power of a belt to complete your ensemble. It will highlight your curves and give you a light and airy mood. It's definitely worth a shot.

10. Bid farewell to retro styles.

Don't let yourself get stuck in the middle of a fashion trend for decades. Even your favorite pair of jeans will not help you if they are out of style. Bell-bottom jeans, for example, are considered antique in today's fashion world and may last as long as you've been wearing them.

Try the flares that so many celebrities are wearing these days. They look good on practically everyone, but make sure you pick the right fit for your body type and form. It is certain that you will succeed.

9. Move on from teenage outfits

With age, the laws of style shift. Believe it or not, you won't be wearing the same clothing that you did for your Sweet 16.

You won't look younger with glitter jeans and a cartoon T-shirt. On the contrary, they'll highlight your age gap and make you appear out of place. For a trendy and youthful style, classic blue jeans and a basic white T-shirt are a far better choice.

8. Opt for contemporary frames.

Glasses have had a tremendous fashion potential for quite some time.

It's a low-cost item that can help you dress up your face. The improper size or frame type, on the other hand, might entirely detract from your appearance. There are so many various patterns now that it won't be difficult to pick one that you like.

7. Go for a shorter haircut.

Long, smooth hair draws attention to age-related changes in your face. If you don't want to make a major alteration, go with shoulder bobs or short layers. They'll brighten your complexion and make you look younger.

6. Perfect your manicure

Your hands are the first to reflect your age. Colors like purple, peach, and pearl pink make your hands appear older than they are, and they contrast badly with your skin.

Use hues that visibly brighten your skin to make your hands look younger: dove beige, sparkling white, or creamy white. To elongate your nails, an oval nail shape is the finest choice for a simple and traditional manicure.

5. Use the right blush.

The rule is to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, however this is only true for young females. The form of your face varies over time, and this type of treatment draws attention to wrinkles that you don't want to see.

Apply your blush horizontally from the apples of your cheeks to your temples to achieve a lifting effect with just your blush.

4. Use caution when applying bronzer.

When you use bronzer on your nose, chin, and forehead, you will appear older. To avoid this, apply the bronzer in a 3-shaped motion, starting in the middle of your forehead and working sideways to the center of your cheek, chin, and neck.

This procedure will make your skin appear tanned, and your face will appear brighter.

3. Use makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

When discussing someone's age, the lips, eyes, and brows are all important. Lips become smaller and brows become lighter as we age. We recommend using cosmetics to your face to hide any age-related changes. Remember to use cosmetics, but stay away from loud colors.

2. Use a lighter shade of lipstick.

Dark lipsticks make your lips appear thinner, adding years to your appearance. If you don't want to give up this hot trend, switch your color preferences to berry hues. Give your small sister your lipsticks with cool undertones.

1. Smile

According to studies, smiling helps you appear younger in the eyes of outsiders. You now have yet another cause to smile!

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