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7 Different Types Of Fashion Styles

Fashion is the code by which one chooses to dress. The type of clothes you put on determine the type of fashionable character you belong to.

For one to be considered fashionable the individual must meet up with fashion criteria based on dressing, the type of costume, and the trending apparel an individual is putting on.

There are two types of fashions, the one that is generally acceptable, and the one that is not that generally accepted. The generally accepted ones are those fashion apparels that you rock and attend all kinds of gatherings, while the one that is not generally accepted is the one that you can only rock on the street, club, birthday.

There are different types of fashion styles on board now. Below are some of the styles.

1 Rocker Chick Styles.

These types of fashion are common among slim girls. The whole outfit is black including the handbag and the shoe. The inner shirt has a bit the same colour as the black trouser.

2 Goth Fashion.

This is an exclusive fashion style where everything one puts on is black in other to complement each other. It is also rocked by teenagers. This type of dressing is usually common with musicians and film industries.

3 Maternity Styles.

This type of fashion is meant for pregnant women. They put on this kind of costume to look charming and attractive even in labour.

4 Lolita Fashion.

. This type of fashion is meant for young girls who are below the age of 20 down words. It is mostly referred to as big girls fashion styles.

5 Gothic Styles.

This type of fashion is mostly found in Japan and USA. This fashion wear of dressing is nice and fantastic it looks like lolita way of fashion. The clothes are mostly black though it is a feminine attire.

6 Hip Hop Style.

Hip hop is that kind of fashionable wear worn by musicians during music publications. It is a stylish fashion that is trending among celebrities.

Kawaii Fashion.

This type of fashion is a Japanese way of dressing that has been accepted. It is mostly worn by teenagers.

You can buy one for yourself and rock. It is cool and nice.

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