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6 Ways To Style Kente Ankara Fabric

The Kente fabric is an African fabric of Ghanaian origin. Over time, the Kente design has been made into an African wax design popularly called Ankara. There are various types of Kente Ankara fabric.

The Kente has a blend of colours that signify different things. Yellow stands for wealth, beauty, and royalty. Blue describes peace, love, and harmony; Green represents fertility, vegetation, new harvest. 

Varieties of fashion items are made from Kente, some are headbands, bangles, earrings, dresses, head wraps, blouses, bags, and many more. Keep reading for Kente inspired fashion pieces

Photo Credit: Africa Imports

1. Kente head wrap: You can style your Kente head wrap in various ways. Using a head wrap will res: cue you from bad hair days while maintaining a classy look.

Photo Credit: D'iyanu

2. Kente Necklace: Infusing Kente into your necklaces will give you a unique look. You can complete your outfit by matching it with a Kente necklace.

Photo Credit: Etsy

3. Kente Earrings: Wearing earrings will enhance your appearance. Kente earrings are a perfect adornment for all women.

Photo Credit: Afrikrea

4. Kente Turbans: There are various stylish ways to tie your Kente turban.

Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Kente bags: From backpacks to handbags, tote bags and purses, you can get beautiful Kente bags. Your bag can be paired with a black or neutral coloured dress. You can choose to be bold by using bright colours as well. There are readymade Kente bags; you can also explore the DIY option and make one by yourself. 

Photo Credit: Kipfashion

You can choose from any of these options. Which Kente fabric will you choose? Let me know in the comment section, also check back for related articles. 

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Blue Ghanaian Green Kente Kente Ankara


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