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6 Reasons Why a Lady Should Not Wear Make-up Everyday

Aside from the fact that majority of ladies today have made it a point of duty to always look glamorous by applying makeup, you will bear me witness that there are several other reasons why they apply makeup on their faces.

That notwithstanding, this article will present to you 6 different reasons why a lady should not always wear makeup.

1. Makeup Fills Your Pores With Silicon.

It will interest you to know that most of the makeup products or brands we use today have silicone in them, which is known for its plumping benefits. However, stuffing your pores everyday with silicon and other toxic are capable of breaking down the pores and enlarging them, resulting in open pores that will never shut.

2. You Are Not That Old (Are You?)

As a young lady, it is important for you to always remember that your skin does not need tons of makeup in order to make you look pretty. In fact, it is even more beautiful when you leave it natural.

Even if you think you are simply trying to hide your revealing wrinkles, it may surprise you to know that your makeup only gets stuck in them.

3. What You Are Putting Your Face On It Goes Into Your Bloodstream.

Studies have shown that an average aged woman has swallowed approximately 25 lipstick in her lifetime. Also, do you know that inhaling your perfume and using eye makeup remover is just as toxic as though it has gone into your bloodstream.

4. Makeup Drains Your Wallet.

5. You Can Develop Allergic Reactions.

What majority of men and women find amazing in life is that they suddenly get an allergic reaction to somethings like cream, bread or a beautiful product.The main reason why it is so is because your body has taken the said harmful product for a very long period of time.

Hence, it is advisable for you to reduce the rate at which you apply makeup on your face.

6. Time

Time is always of the essence and although you are capable of doing a vintage cat eyeliner on the central line within few minutes, you will agree with me that the overall makeup process takes a whole lot of time.

With the reasons given above, I believe you are convinced that ladies should limit the rate at which they apply makeup on their faces. Please share this interesting and useful article with any lady you know.

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