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Learn to sew: 40+ Neckline designs(pictures included)


40+ different styles of Neckline designs for your clothes

Welcome to my page, hope you are having a great day?. So Today, we will be going through different neckline designs. 

There are a number of components that determine the success of a garment. Without a doubt, its Neckline is one of the most important factors.

Most of us do not choose the neckline of a garment in solitude. We look at the style, fabric, colour etc and then the neckline. But we forget that the neckline of the bodice frames your face and emphasizes its features and is the first thing others see, mostly, when they look at you.

It can turn a so-so garment into one that is incredible, provided it is the right one for you

Types of necklines

The choice of neckline is dependant on many factors like the shape of the face, shoulders, size of the bust, the bust line, neck type and above all the body shape of the wearer.

Just as the way we consider all the above mentioned factors when choosing a neckline, a neckline in turn makes all these features look good – like the face, shoulders, bustline and the whole body shape, don’t you think?

 If you are convinced about the argument that a neckline can make or shatter a garment, let us take a look at the 40 plus basic styles of necklines I will be providing here. If you have not follow me, please do so now to have access to more exciting contents.

 The main types of neckline styles are:

1 Crewel Neckline

It is a round neckline which sits close to the neck, typically seen in t-shirts. It usually ends above the collarbone and usually has a band around it. It is not a suitable neckline for a stocky figure with short neck, as it will make the neck closed in, or a person with a very large bust or a person with narrow shoulders. A person with thin long neck can look good in the neckline.

2 Jewel Neckline

A slightly lower round neckline, this is a very most common neckline seen in dresses, tops . It is named jewel neckline because the neckline lies where a necklace is worn. It is confused with the crew neck as it is almost similar.

3 U neckline

A neckline shaped like a U, this is a universally liked neckline.The neckline will be as wide as the base of the neck

4 Square Neckline

5 V neckline

It is an almost perfect neckline that will look good on most everybody, as far as I have seen, but for an apple body shape, it is a life saver. This neckline can tighten the body, so it is the choice neckline for people who are short.

6 Boat Neckline / Bateau

This neckline is also called Bateau neckline. It is a wide neckline which almost reaches the shoulder line and sits very close to the neck, high in front and back. It emphasizes the bust line, so for most people this is a complimentary style. But for those who want to play down the bust do not choose this one. It is a good neck design to choose with a pear shaped body ( and with a small bust).

7 Scoop neckline

This is a deep U neckline which is wider than the base of the neck. It is suitable to almost all body shapes, face shapes, depending on the depth of the neckline.  Most of the body flaws can be masked by this neckline – for example a too wide shoulder can be de-emphasized with this neckline; it an make a short neck look tightened. 

8 Collared neckline

Different kinds of collars can be added to the neckline. A collared neckline can come with a buttoned placket or without. 

9 Gathered neckline

The neckline is gathered around the neck with a plain band or an elasticized casing or a drawstring casing. It usually has a v neck or a u neckline with either, ruching, gathering or casing done to contain the fullness around the neck. This is a neckline you should not choose if you do not want to bring attention to the top portion of your body. As there is fullness here, decide for yourself, if you want this on the top bodice. Also called a peasant neckline

10 Strapless Neckline

A strapless neckline can be cut in different ways . it can be cut straight across the body or in a sweetheart neck fashion

11 Cowl neckline

12 Diamond neckline

13 Keyhole neckline

This neckline has an opening just under the edge – either a circular one, oval one or a tear shaped one. 

14 Sweet heart neckline

This is a very appealing neckline, with the lower portion of the neckline looking like the top portion of a heart.

15 Off shoulder neckline

This neckline is also called a Bardot neckline. A very feminine neckline which brings attention to the shoulders and neck. For those with slender shoulders, this can look very appealing. Here, there is a more detailed look at this neckline.

16 Halter neckline 

17 Ruffled neckline

18 Wide square neckline / Florentine neckline

 As the name suggests, this is a very wide angular or square neckline – though modest

19 Halter neckline with straps

20 Envelop neckline

21 Strap neckline


22 Décolleté neckline

A décolleté neckline is a very deep neckline. It is also referred as a plunging neckline, when it is very deep. It is a revealing neckline going past the cleavage. Sometimes it is also cut very wide at the shoulders

23 One shoulder/ Asymmetrical neckline

This is an asymmetrical neckline with only one shoulder

24 Paper bag neckline

25 Queen Elizabeth neckline

26 Court neckline


27 Horse shoe neckline

28 Racerback neckline

29 Queen Ann Neckline

This neckline has a high neck in the back of the bodice but for the front it features a sweet heart neckline stylee.


30 Mitered square Neckline

31 Scallop neckline

Scallops edge the neckline. The scallops can be facing the neck or the bodic. 

32 Sabrina neckline

A sabrina neckline is a variation to the boat neckline. It is slightly lower than the boat neckline. This neckline is usually mirrored on the back of the bodice as well. It is a very common neckline for wedding gowns. This neckline sometimes features ties at the shoulders to keep it in place

33 Funnel Neckline

This is a high neckline that sits upwards towards the neck , cut as one with the garment

34 Slash Neckline / Slit neckline

This neckline has a narrow vertical opening in the front ( maybe in the back also)

35 Illusion neckline

An illusion neckline has a see through portion near the neckline – like lace or net.

36 Cardigan Neckline

Neckline with a Jewel or V-neck combined with a button up opening in the front like in a cardigan

37 Surplice neckline

It is the type of neckline that wraps and forms a V neckline

38 Yoke Neckline

In this type of neckline, the top portion of the garment including the neckline is a separate piece. The seam of the yoke can start at the armhole or above the bust line and can be shaped curved straight.

39 Banded Neckline

This neckline will have a separate piece of fabric finishing and framing the neckline as well as the opening.

40 Bib neckline

This neckline consists of a piece at the center front of the bodice. The lower portion of this bib like piece will be either straight or curved

41 High neckline

This is a neckline which is high at the back and has a neckline at the front.

42 One side neckline

There are many other deviations and styles of necklines out there, of course, but I leave it to your creativity to design them at your recreation.

Happy sewing!!

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