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Is this a Cake? Check out this beautiful Cake Design that is trending online

Cake designs only add beauty to a baked cake, these days it is now very easy to bake and design cakes because social media has made it easy, different tutorials have been made and posted online so that people can watch and learn how to bake and design.

But despite how people post cake designs online there still remains professionals among them, these people are highly talented and creative, they can use sugar craft to design anything they imagine.

This very cake design is presently trending online because of how unreal it looks, naturally, one will think it is a basket of eggs and a hen that is laying eggs but it is a cake design.

This cake can only be design by a professional in cake baking and sugar crafting, they bake cakes and design it with sugar crafts which is sometimes time taking but the result will amaze people.

So many will hardly believe that this is a cake and not a hen or bowl of eggs, people have argued on social media but later agreed when prove was given.

Content created and supplied by: KaterineDavid (via Opera News )


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