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5 Common Mistakes Women Make With Their Lipstick

Lipstick has long been regarded as one of the easiest ways to change your appearance, but how you apply it has a greater impact than you would realize. Inadequate application may result in a lack of lifespan, a dull complexion, or even the look of years on your face.

Below are some common mistakes ladies often make when applying lipstick:

1. Forgetting To Exfoliate:

A good makeup begins with good skin preparation, and your lips are no exception. Make sure you remove dead skin cells by rubbing with a warm moist cloth or using a soft scrub.

2. Forget The ScrubWe must use a particular scrub for our lips in addition to exfoliating our body or face once a week.

A beauty gesture that allows you to remove small amounts of dead skin and therefore reveal a very soft mouth, which will help you set your makeup much more effectively. There's no reason to skip this step because it only takes a few seconds.

3. Overdrawing

Ladies frequently overdraw their lips, and heavy lip liner can seem very old. It might appear harsh, especially on older ladies who are beginning to develop wrinkles.

Because you can't help but gaze at someone's mouth when they have a well-defined lip, using a lot of lip liner actually draws attention to these lines.

Instead, concentrate on establishing a defined eye and using softer lipstick textures and less lip liner. You might still wear a bright red color, but it should have a much softer feel."

4. Neglecting Hydration

We would never think of forgetting to nourish our faces in the morning and evening. So, why do we neglect lip hydration? This is a critical step that should become second nature, even during the day. Our lips will be supple and resistant to external aggressors such as wind, cold, or heat.

5. Using The Incorrect Color.

Lipstick, like foundation, comes in a variety of undertones. Finding the proper shade is critical to completing your appearance without seeming washed out.

Ladies with olive skin tones can wear almost any color, however those with fairer skin tones should avoid anything too light or with a strong yellow undertone. Avoid anything too light or pale on the lips for darker skin tones; richer colours seem more naturally appealing.

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