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Benefits Of Banana Peels

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Most of us love bananas, because it's so soft and sweet in taste. But what majority of us don't know, is that the health benefits of banana doesn't lie with the inner part alone, the peel has a lot of amazing health benefits of which will be discussed in this article. Let's begin;

1. For Skin care; Banana peels have high antibacterial and anti inflammatory property, so applying it on your skin surface can help get rid of pimples, wart, rashes, etc. And on a plus side it moisturises you skin while performing the task.

2. For Teeth Whitening; Surprised right, well don't be because the banana peel, is rich in "Phenolics" which is a strong antibacterial compound, and can help prevent "periodontal diseases". All you have to do is rub the banana peels on your teeth daily.

3. Polishing and Shining; This is another useful purpose of banana peels. It can be used to polish leather shoes, make your jewelries shine better, etc. All you have to do is rub the banana peel on whatever you want to polish or shine.

4. To Get Rid Of Headaches; Due to it's antioxidant properties, placing a cold banana peel on your forehead for a few minutes, can help get rid of headache.

5. It Can Be Used To Improve The Soil; This is in 2 ways; a. It can be used as a soil fertilizer; this can be achieved by putting the peels inside water, and spraying the liquid mixture it on the soil surface. b. It can be used to aerate the soil; cutting slices of banana peels and putting it in the soil, will serve as food for worms, and as the worms move around they aerate the soil.

Summary; In this article, so many benefits of banana peels are discussed. It can be used for skin care, Shining and polishing House hold items, Teeth Whitening, Getting Rid Of Head Aches, And To Improve The Soil.

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