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Reasons Why You should Not Put On High Heels To Church

High heel shoes are types of footwear that have a larger sole than a flat shoe and are typically worn by short women to increase their height.

These shoes have some advantages, like:

1. They make women look smart and classy. Have you noticed that high-heeled shoes are usually worn by ladies who work in cooperative environments like banks, schools, etc.? This is usually because they add some elegance to their appearance.

However, these shoes shouldn't be worn to churches for the following reasons;

1. Their sound might be a form of distraction to people in the church. Flat shoes don't make any noise, so it's preferable.

2. They shouldn't be worn to church because they won't allow you to dance properly and your movement might also be restricted. We know that in our churches, there are lots of activities that take place and these activities will need your full participation.

3. You might experience a lot of pain if your church happens to be very far away and requires a long walk. You might even get exhausted before getting to the church premises.

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