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How To Combine Damask And Lace Fabrics In Order To Look Beautiful

Damask fabric is known to be good at pairing with other fabrics. So many years ago, tailors made outfits with damask fabric alone, but with the development in the fashion and clothing industries, tailors have been able to come up with new ways of combining damask fabric with other fabrics in order to give every woman a classy and fashionable look.

Here are some ways to combine your damask and lace fabrics:

1. The lace fabric should be used to sew the entire outfit while the damask fabric should be used as the head wrap. 

2. You can also sew the body of the gown with the lace fabric, while one of the sleeves will be made with damask fabric. Although this style isn't very popular amongst women, you will get a lot of attention when you dress in this manner.


3. You can also make the blouse with lace fabric and then use the damask fabric as the wrapper. This wrapper should be tied firmly around the waist.

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