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This Is What Wearing A Black Ring On Your Finger Means

This is what wearing a black ring on your finger means

If you have been very observant about people and your environment generally, I am sure you just have observed that many people nowadays wear black rings on their fingers. For many people, it is just for fun. Light-skinned people are particularly guilty of this because it perfectly complements their skin tone. However, did you know that this seemingly harmless attribute has incredible and sometimes far-reaching interpretations?

Join me as I walk you through the significance of wearing black rings on any of your fingers.

First, the Origin of Black Rings

Black rings first came into prominence in ancient Greece. The Greeks at the time used to make their jewellery from black onyx stones; hence, most of their jewels were either black or close to black in colour. 

With regard to the practice of wearing black rings; while it is a fashion statement for some, it is actually a personality statement for others.

Black Ring on the Middle Finger:

This is the most common of them all. When you wear a black ring on your middle finger, it actually means that you are a ‘swinger’ and that you are part of the swingers.

Swingers are individuals who shy away from sexual interactions; therefore, by wearing a black ring on your middle finger you are actually sending a message that you are an ‘asexual’ person: that is, you are not inclined to sexual experiences with other people, especially those of the opposite sex. 

Now, what are the implications? In civilized societies, if, as a young man, you make romantic advances at an enlightened young lady with a black ring on your middle finger, no matter how smooth your tongue is, your efforts will never yield fruits.

Black Ring on the Wedding Ring Finger:

In many cases, this may be an expression of love for your spouse. Many couples get married these days and one or both of them have black rings that they put on together. This is very common in western societies. It speaks about each spouse’s devotion to the other.

Conversely, some couples wear black rings as a safety measure. While gold, silver or diamond rings may attract the attention of burglars and robbers, black rings may not have the same effect.

Black Ring on the Index Finger

This actually signifies that you are an opinionated person and that you will always insist on getting things done your way.

It may also mean that you are not flexible to cope and to thrive in a dynamic environment. For instance, if you walk into a job interview and s/he is looking for a person who is flexible and able to cope with ambiguity, if they see your black ring on your index finger you may likely not get the job except a miracle happens.

The main point is this: little things like wearing a black ring on your finger may give off messages that are unintended. My advice is that you make research on what you want to do to ensure that you are not passing an unintended message across.

Thank you for reading. But what do you think? Please leave me a comment in the section below and don’t forget to like, share and keep the conversation going. I will love to hear and respond to your thoughts! XO

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