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How To Care For Your Native Attire

Taking care of your native attire is very important, and I'll advise you to read this article intentionally. Here is what you can do in order to care for your native outfit:

1. Wash your native attire with cold water.

Please don’t use hot or warm water to wash your native attire. If you use cold water, you will end up losing its glow and colour. While using cold water, please don't add bleach to it.

In maintaining your native attire, please use bar soap in washing;

Avoid using detergents for your native garments. Detergents are usually very harsh and are also known to kill the colour of materials. Use tablet soaps instead. Soaps may be a little harsh, but they can be compared to detergents.

Wash it off Your native outfits with your hand; Most ladies have washing machines in their homes, which may be due to their busy schedules; make sure you make time to properly wash your native clothes.


However, if you still want to make use of a washing and drying machine, just make sure you don't use it often.

Don’t sun-dry for a very long period of time.

As we all know, the sun is a very harsh natural element. Just as it gives us sunburn on our skin, it also fades out the beautiful colour of clothes. This is why if you keep sunning your clothes, after a while, you will notice that they have started to fade. If you want to dry these native attires in the sun, let it be for a very short period of time. Other than that, please dry in a shade.

Lastly, don't wear your native attire too frequently. This is why it is advisable for you to have a lot of native wear. You will not wear any of your native attires frequently if you have so many.

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