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2020 Latest Ponytail(Packing gel) Hairstyles ladies should try out.

A ponytail is a hairstyle in which some, most or all of the hair on the head is pulled away from the face, gathered and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie, clip, or other similar device and allowed to hang freely from that point. It gets its name from its resemblance to the tail of a pony.

Ponytails are most commonly gathered at the middle of the back of the head, or the base of the neck but may also be worn at the side of the head (sometimes considered formal), or on the very top of the head. If the hair is divided so that it hangs in two sections they are called ponytails, pigtails, or bunches if left loose - and pigtails, plaits or braids if plaited. Unbraided ponytails worn above each ear are sometimes called dog-ears.

While it's easy to just throw it up into your standard ponytail, why not take the opportunity to go all the way and make it the center of your look. With hair accessories all over Instagram, it's the perfect time. From oversize bows to intricate braids, see the best ponytail ideas for all hair types and texture, ahead.

Here are more ponytail styles to try below.

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