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7 Undergarment Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Undergarments refer to clothing men wear underneath their outfits, they exist in forms such as singlets, boxers, etc. When men put on undergarments, there are certain mistakes they should avoid, below you will find a list of these mistakes.

1. Do not tuck your shirt into your underpants.

It's every man's dream to look smart and classical, however, a little mistake such as tucking your shirt into your undergarment can ruin your look. It wouldn't be quite nice if people can see the clothing you have beneath your trousers, simply tuck your shirt properly and ensure that your undergarment is well hidden.

Image credit: LooksGud.cln

2. Sleeping in tight underwear is not advisable.

Tight underwear doesn't only make you uncomfortable it also adds pressure to the area beneath.

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3. Avoid wearing oversized singlets.

Most men feel that they can wear singlets of numerous sizes, this isn't quite right. Ensure that you wear the right size of singlet, this is because an oversized singlet can make you appear shabby.

Image credit: SurfStitch

4. Avoid putting on the wrong undershirt beneath your t-shirt.

A V-neck undershirt should be worn beneath the corresponding t-shirt. If you wear around neck undershirt beneath a V-neck shirt, it might look weird.

Image credit: undershirt guy

5. Tight underpants should be avoided.

Comfort is something men should consider whenever they are choosing underpants. Tight underpants might make you feel uncomfortable and you might also experience wedgies.

Image credit: Shopee, Business Insider

6. Sagging makes you look shabby.

Sagging is a common trend nowadays, however, it doesn't make men appear decent and smart. If you want to look outstanding ensure you avoid sagging your trousers, always wear a nice belt to support your trousers.

 quality underwear.

Underwear of low quality doesn't last for long, they get torn or faded easily. Whenever you have enough money, get yourself some quality underwear.

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