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Check These 5 Bridesmaid Gifts To Avoid

Check These 5 Bridesmaid Gifts To Avoid

Your wedding party has been with you since the very beginning of your engagement. Not only will your bridesmaids look amazing standing next to you when you say, “I do” but they’ll be your rocks holding your hand during the entire wedding planning process. There is so much that goes into a wedding and when the stress becomes too much and you feel yourself starting to fall, your bridesmaids are there to catch you. 

As a token of appreciation and a sweet memento of your wedding, a thoughtful gift is custom to thank your bridesmaids for being with you every step of the way, but what do you get them? Bridesmaid gift etiquette is so important because you are ensuring that you are properly thanking your bridal party for helping you on your big day. You should avoid these 5 bridesmaids gifts; 

1. Cheap Jewelry

Many brides want their bridesmaids to all wear the same dresses and sometimes the bride will want them to have matching jewelry as well. Weddings can get a little pricey so many brides will opt for low quality inexpensive jewelry to gift their ladies. Your bridesmaids do so much and invest a lot of their time into making sure this is the best day of the bride’s life. Do yourself a favor and instead of purchasing three inexpensive pieces of jewelry, opt for one high quality piece instead. Having one piece of jewelry that is higher in quality will last much longer serving as a beautiful reminder of your big day for many years thereafter. 

2. Your Signature Perfume

If your friends are constantly complimenting how you smell, then you may feel gifting them with your favorite scent is a good idea. Perfume is a very personal thing and sometimes the way it smells on you will smell differently on someone else. Some people are really sensitive to smells so gifting perfume to your bridesmaids should be something to avoid. 

3. Makeup

Stay away from giving your bridesmaids your favorite makeup as a thank you gift. Although a nice gesture, everybody has different skin types with unique tastes making this a difficult crowd pleaser. Many women know exactly what they want when it comes to makeup and have all the tools they need to create their signature look making this not a very exciting gift.  

4. Coffee Mugs

Just like makeup, many people already have quite a few of these at home making a mug of some sort not a very special gift. Think about it this way, after your bridesmaids have stood by your side planning your wedding day and then standing at the altar with you to make one of the biggest decisions of your life, do you truly feel gifting them with a mug is an adequate gesture? 

5. Anything that says ‘Bridesmaid’ on it

We get it, you are so happy to have a bride tribe and you want to show your girls off to the world celebrating your big day, but gifting your girls with anything that says, ‘Bridesmaid’ on it will surely make its way to the very back corner of their closet. When you are looking for a gift to give your bridal party, you want to make sure it is something that they will enjoy for more than just your big day. For an example, a silky robe is such a cute gift idea because your girls can wear it again at home, but if you stick the word ‘bridesmaid’ all over it, it might not be something that they will want to wear when trying to feel sexy. Give your bridesmaid an awesome gift that they can enjoy but, no stamping of bridesmaid over it.

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