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Here Are Some Easy Ways To Spot Fake Jeans When You Go Shopping

People usually have so many misconceptions about jeans. Some believe that they are only blue in color. They don't actually know that jeans can be any color. It's just that the blue color is more rampant.


Jean fabric isn't only used in making trousers or skirts; it is also used in making gowns, jumpsuits, jackets, necklaces, and even bangles.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have been deceived into buying fake jeans because they don't know how to distinguish between the fake and the original.

Here's how to know a jean fabric that is likely to be fake;

1. A very soft texture; The truth is that an authentic jean must be very strong, and their stuffiness usually makes them last even longer, so if you get soft jeans, they will definitely wear out after a few weeks of wearing them.Feeling the jeans is one way to determine their weight and texture.Make sure you feel it until you are convinced of its quality before leaving the boutique.

2. Fake jeans usually appear very faded. An original jean usually has a very bright color, whether it's blue, black, or even red. They are usually very attractive and appealing, but the fake ones always seem very dull.

3. Stains and tears; A fake jean will always have some stains in it. The stains might not be very obvious. This is why you have to be very observant. Look through every part of the jean to confirm its originality before giving the sales person the money. There shouldn't be any form of tear on any part of the jeans either.

4. Most of them appear oversized; make sure you buy your exact size so that it won't look too big on you after you've washed it for some time.

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