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5 Reasons African Ladies Love Braiding Their Hairs

Braiding of hair, is traced to an ancient art back to Egypt as far as the 3500BC. Hair braid in Africa was because of classes, age grades, marital status, religion and ritual ceremonies. It was also recorded that not only women but also men, braided thier hair until the time civilization stepped in. Some reasons why African Women love hair braiding is because of the following:-

1. They braided thier hair because of fashion

Because of the fitting into every lastest fashion trend. They want to braid styles that is trending so as to look beautiful, chic and stunning on daily, monthly and yearly basis no matter the season. 

Majority of the Africans ladies get captivated by such braids and in the want to look classy and up to date get their hairs braided in that style on board acquiring the look they want.

2. They get time to socialize

Have you ever thought why women always gossip while in the salon? They get time to socialize and gossip about society, life and concerns of the heart. They get to lay thier worries and give solution to one another. They also make new friends too.

3. Grooming

The African Women, braid their hair to look decent and neat. It also make them look beautiful and presentable.

4. As African women enjoys braiding, they get access to treat their hair by applying the treatment to the scalp.

5. It allows hair growth

According to science, the hair grows with braiding. Blood flows into the scalp which stimulates hair growth, making it long. It also helps to reduce hair breakage, tangling and knotting.

What do you think about the African women's hair?, Does it make them beautiful and elegant? Drop your thoughts 

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