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How To Wear Sneakers Properly In Style

In case you’ve been living under a certain belief, your sneakers are meant for more than just the gym these days. From Events to lifestyle to the red carpet then to sports, nowadays your sneakers can be an expression of yourself. And today we’re showing you how to wear them perfectly.

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No matter what kind of sneakers you settle on, there are a few basic principles for how to wear sneakers.

Buy sneakers that suit your current wardrobe: What good does it do to buy the latest ‘trendy’ style if it doesn’t suit your style? Don’t hop on the trend train just because it’s passing through.

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Wear them to the right occasions, sneakers are incredibly versatile, but they’re no substitute for other official shoes. You can get away with wearing sneakers with any off-duty outfit – and perhaps even on some casual, free form suits.

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Keep them clean: Proper sneaker maintenance includes washing the laces, eliminating odours by drying them out in the sun, brushing the outsoles, and using shoe trees and sneaker shields.

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