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10 Modern Day Aso Ebi Designs, They Will Make You Stand Out At Events

The Yoruba nation has an unwavering love for parties, which we call "Owanbe". With every party hosted by a Yoruba person comes the need to buy what we call "Aso Ebi". Again, with every Aso Ebi bought comes the need to sew a beautiful design with the textile material. Unlike the archaic designs and styles with are no longer in Vogue, there are new beautiful styles that will make you stand out in every party. 

These styles are simple and are mainly a re-modernization of the existing design. They are designs which incorporate modern styles into the sewing of our Aso Ebi fabric. Sewing one of this styles to an engagement will surely make one look like a celebrity. It is even possible that one can divert the attention of the crowd to herself. However, the success of these designs depend on the professionalism of your tailor, therefore, don't give just any tailor rather give a professional one. 

All of Owanbe people, here are the top 10 styles are in Vogue, after viewing don't forget to like and share with your friends and family and every one you know. Feel free to comment and follow me for more articles like this.











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