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Beautiful animals that will make you wonder at God's artistic skill (Photos)

Chickens are all around us, running up and down waiting to be devoured (lol). I don't think there's anyone who hasn't seen one of these annoying and at the same time, interesting creatures.

Well here's a shocker. Many of us know nothing about chickens. The world of animals has been seriously neglected. But as it is, I compiled a list of some beautiful products which evidence God's artistic skill in a bid to enable you know them better.

Starting off with the first

The Silkie Bantam

It's one thing to be beautiful, another to be caring and have soft feathers. Well the Silkie Bantam is a combination of the three. They are loved for their silky hair and their ability to hatch other chickens eggs. Just incase you don't like white, they come in a variety of colours.

Next is the Golden Polish

Wow that's beautiful. Not the beak, I mean the feathers. The crown has a resemblance to the red Indian's but coming down to look at its feathers, all that's inscribed on them is beauty. Look closely you'll see.

And then here's their lot


These chickens coat of feathers, is something fashion designers can only dream of imitating but cannot in any way compete with. See more photos using this link or by typing in the search box - 30 photos you have never seen in your life


You don't have to have some specific patterns or be all rainbow coloured to look beautiful. See for yourself

Wow.. look at those feathers.

And now, the weirdest of them all

The Brahma Chicken

These chickens are huge. Like huge, when I say huge I mean bigger than your average chicken. Bigger than turkeys and not just big for nothing.They are not only good layers but are also meaty. You can easily get one at, it's very affordable but know what you're buying it for.

Now let's look at a visual description of these chickens size.

In all these beauty one thing is present in each of them and that is God's artistic skills. The list goes on and on, testifying of feathers and patterns inspired by the Creator.

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Which was your best chicken? Do these testify of God's artistic skill or you have a better idea of how these came to be?

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Golden Polish Wow Indian The Silkie Bantam


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