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Why you need to sleep with an open eyes.

We live in a time, when our challenges today are different from the past generation. Our challenges are much more complex and complicated, which call for more active and proactive measures. Most especially when you come from a very humble background, It's really challenging to be an African. A white person from the western world, may not understand what am taking about. But for the Africans, this picture is very clear.

There are several things about us, that we find difficult to put it on pen and paper. Not because we are not educated as Africans. But It's really not encouraging talking about these stuffs. Firstly, it will be as if, we are betraying our continent. and secondly, it will be as if, we are disrespectful to our leaders.

But, how can we explaine why a meat seller's child is eating bone, almost all the time. why is a cloth seller's children are going naked without cloth ? Why are many people in Africa, going hungry where there is supposed to be abundance of foods around. Certainly, something is wrong in Africa.

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