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He Wears Skirts/Gown, But He Has A Kind Heart. See What This Man Did For The Less Privileged (Video)

The legendary fashionista, Mr. Don Papa Richie, (Osibo) has been on the light for a long time owing to the uniqueness in his dressing sense.

Because he has spent a better part of his life in the Western worlds, he brought home most of their dressing culture with him to Ghana.

This has been his signature and identity and has as well made him unique in his career.

The idea behind every success is carving out for yourself, a niche that is unique to only you. In every business today, there is considerably a high competition rate, so if one does not do something different, you may end up being in the same line with them. If they are failing, you fail, if they are stagnant, you are but if they rise, you all rise together.

He is known for wearing skirts and gowns. A copy of Scottish dressing merged with African fashion designs. These are some of his pictures on skirts and gowns.


He also wears this out to social functions. He has inspired some of his friends into this trend.

This is a new trend that is getting into the system within the circle of his friends. Influence is not preached, it is displayed to attract followers on its own.

He still have other weird styles that is distinct to people of his culture, but he is never afraid to rock them.

I'm a 100% Nigerian, so I have nothing in common with him. This is in no way advertising anyone but I appreciate good and selfless works when I see one. Don Richie have reached out to the less privileged in his town especially those who walk on hanging limbs.

He reached out to a number of crippled persons who begged on the street (crippling on their knees) and provided them with free wheelchair each.

This is what the world need, some healing, some patting on the shoulder, some undeserved love and attention. Not religion, not some selfish politics, not a clueless fight for an outdated culture.

If we all could affect our circles without waiting for the government, without tagging it a community project, without taking it to the church to make it a general responsibility, we would in a better way make our society better.

Click HERE to watch the presentation video.

During an interview on what triggered his actions, he said he saw some of them being heavily drenched because before they could run to get a shelter from where they were along the road begging, the rain had beaten them so badly. That got him emotional and hence, the plan to help out with the little he can.

Putting smiles on people's faces, both the crippled, their families and the society. This is what God want too.

We can keep some judgement, we can spare some of our differences and listen to the cries of the broken hearted.

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