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3 Healthy Ways Women Can Eradicate Too Much Hairs In The Face

One of the biggest problems women face in our environment these days is the growth of hairs on unwanted places like the face, chest, stomach and the likes. This occurs due to hormonal imbalance and it can make women really uncomfortable and reduce their self esteem and confidence.

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Are you a woman who is battling with this? Here are some natural ways you can inhibit the growth of hairs in unwanted areas.

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1. Eat hormonal balancing foods.

As stated earlier, hair growth in unwanted areas of the body is majorly caused by hormonal imbalance and it is only wise to maintain a hormonal balance if you want to prevent unwanted hair growth.

One way you can balance your hormones naturally is by eating foods such as soy products (soya milk and Tofu), flax seeds, sunflowers seeds, garlic, oats, lettuce, beans and many more. These foods helps to increase the body's estrogen level, thereby balancing the hormones and preventing unwanted hair growth.

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2. Using Sugar and lemon juice.

Sugar is a natural exfoliant and it can help take out dead skin cells when rubbed on your skin with lemon juice. The presence of excessive dead skin cells on the skin might most likely lead to hair growth on that part of the skin.

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Simply take a few spoons of granulated sugar, mix it with about one of two table spoons of lemon juice and apply to the affected area. Repeat this at least three times a week

3. Control your body weight.

If you're over weight, you are at a greater chance of developing hairs in unwanted areas. This is because fat people are more likely to have more testosterone hormone than usual and this could cause unwanted hair growth.

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