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Face masks have many drawbacks, what are some better solutions?

Face masks have many drawbacks: they're uncomfortable, they keep sliding down, they fog up glasses, they hide lips from people with hearing difficulties, and they don't stop people from touching their eyes and ears. What are some better solutions?

If your mask is uncomfortable and keeps sliding down, the your mask is no appropriate. A good mask is comfortable and stays put. Try putting a twist in the straps, making a knot in the straps, or switching to a mask with straps that go around your head instead of over the ears.

Masks don’t fog up glasses if you use them properly. Mold the nosepiece to your face, and wear the glasses over the upper border of the mask. If necessary, rub a small drop of liquid soap on the dry lenses with a piece of toilet paper until the lenses are clear: the effect will last a whole day.

People with hearing difficulties are still much better off being alive and healthy, but if you want to communicate more easily with a hard of hearing friend, remove the mask and stay over 2 meters away from this friend, or buy yourself a mask with a transparent inset.

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