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Skin Care

Stretch Marks: 3 Common Ways To Prevent And Foods You Must Eat To Help Fade Marks

The skin can be said to be the most important part of the body when it comes to physical appearances which is why a lot of people can go at any length to maintain their skin using different body scrubs and skin-care products.

Even after spending heavily on skin-care and maintenance products people still get to experience some skin issues example of which is stretch marks.

A Stretch mark is a skin issue that is a result of overstretched which is mostly due to weight changes. It is one skin issue that leaves so many people running after various skins products and scrubs will promise so much but will end up doing very little.

Instead of incurring a high cost and ending up with little results, this article will be showing you how to fade stretch marks by eating certain foods which you may even have in your kitchen.

However, we would first see 4 ways to prevent this skin issue as listed below.

1) Drink Enough Water:- Keeping the body hydrated by drinking enough water would help the skin to be hydrated and soft, thereby reducing chances of stretch marks as dry skin tends to develop stretch marks more easily

2) Keep A Watch On Your Weight:- This is one of the best things you can do for yourself to prevent stretch marks as a stretch in your skin can be caused by indefinite weight changes.

3) Eat Foods Packed With Nutrients:- Stretch marks can be caused by malnourishment therefore eating certain skin-healthy and nutrient-packed foods like vitamin C, D, E, and Zinc-rich foods would greatly reduce chances of having stretch marks.

Source:- Healthline

Meanwhile, if you already have a stretch mark, below are foods you must eat to help fade the marks from your skin.

1) Legumes

2) Tea

3) Water

4) Oranges

Source:- Eatthis

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