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11 Natural and reliable tips on how to have a strong and white nails

Having a strong and healthy nails shows signs of good health. Below are some tips on how to have a strong and white nails.

1. Exposure to water: Do you know that too much soaking of nails in water can cause your nails to become weak and easy to Break. We all know that it is impossible to avoid submerging our hands in water but try putting on gloves when washing the dishes.

2. Staying hydrated: Yes drinking lots of water is good for your health and your nails health is not excluded. Inadequate moisture can make nails to become brittle, peel and weak. Taking enough water helps your nails retain moisture and stay very strong.

3. Giving your nails a break: Very well, nail polish looks great but your nails need to rest. Do you know that constant use of polish even the nontoxic polish do weaken nails? Remove your nail polish with an acetone- free polish remover after wearing it for a week or so and then let your nails take a break from polish for over a week. Do this for some time and note the changes.

4. Hand sanitizer: if you do use hand sanitizer try as much as possible for it not to get on your nails and try not overdoing it because constant applying of sanitizer can be disastrous for your nails. Do you know why it can be disastrous? It is because the sanitizer dries out nails leading to brittle nail.

5. Stop over using your nails: Aviod using your nails as tools because this can lead to chipping and breakage which can inturn weaken the nails.

6. Filing your nails: How do you file your nails? Filing your nails in a front- and- back motion like a saw actually do weaken nails. Try filing your nails in only one direction and try going easy on the sides of the nails because too much filing weaken nails.

7. Good diet: A diet that has vitamins and minerals deficiency can affect your entire body including your nails. That is why you have to make sure that you eat a healthy diet as well as minerals and multivitamin.

8. Practice good nail grooming: practicing good nail grooming helps strengthen your nails thereby encouraging growth and reducing breakage. Try to avoid cutting or biting your nails and also try keeping your nails Clean and dry.

9. Biotin: Biotin which are also known as vitamin B-7 and vitamin H helps strengthen nails it also helps make the nervous system function properly. Vitamin H and B-7 can be found in foods like sardines, legumes, cooked eggs, banana, soyabeans and mushrooms.

10. Using lotion: If ever having feelings that you are not properly hydrated after removing polish then use a hand cream on your hands and nails you can also do this every time you wash your hands making sure to moisturize your nails

11. Take caution while using cleaning agents: use cleaning products/agents with caution while cleaning the house or doing other things because most of the cleaning products contain chemicals that can weaken nails. Try using gloves to help you avoid contact with these chemicals.

Content created and supplied by: Jennyjulius (via Opera News )


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