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Skin Care

5 Ways to Beautify Your Hands at Home

Beautiful hands are pretty admirable and attractive. It is one of the first things a guy will admire in a lady. However, many people tend to ignore their hands, thinking not many people will notice. The standard way for those who take care of their hands is to keep them low and file them. Many women also paint and fix their nails. While these measures are commendable and a great way to look great, there are several manners to make your hands more gorgeous. Fortunately, these practices require no extra measures or rocket science.

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Moisturize your hands 

A moisturized hand is not prone to skin peeling or dry skin. Dry or flaky skin makes you vulnerable to irritation which can lead to more skin problems. The best way to moisturize your hands is to do so after taking your bath or even hand wash. Invest in a portable moisturizer that you can carry around.

Exfoliate your hands 

Suppose you already have dry skin; there is little to which moisturizer can do. As such, you must scrub your hands 3 - 5 times a week. After scrubbing, dry with a hand towel before applying moisturizer.

Give your hands a manicure

A manicure isn't a gift you give yourself after making a huge profit or when you celebrate. It should be a routine to make your hands soft and healthy. Try going for a manicure at least once a month.

Groom your nails

Start by cutting your nails short with a clipper. Then, file them to give you the desired shape. Ensure you pull out all dirt lurking underneath your nails.

Paint your nails

If you have no idea how to paint your nails, you can check out some video tutorials online or leave them for the professionals. Importantly, you should choose colors that suit your skin color.

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